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Concierge medicine is a practice in which doctors provide enhanced care to patients, including a strong commitment to limit patient loads to ensure adequate time and availability for each patient, for an annual fee or retainer. Dr. Brian MacGillivray founded Grey Canyon Family Medicine, a concierge practice, to bring back the enhanced and personalized quality of medical care which has been all but forgotten in this fast-paced world of managed care. That’s what makes all the difference in a concierge practice. Dr. Mac works directly for you and is available to members at any time, day or night.






Our hope is that the moment you walk through the door you feel the difference. A traditional medical practice requires a doctor to service thousands of patients which negatively impacts the care provided by limiting the time the doctor is able to spend with their patients. Not only that, but because insurance requirements are involved for traditional doctors to be paid, there are limits to how many issues a doctor can address in one visit (billing codes) and biases of which medicines to recommend or prescribe because of marketing (multibillion-dollar industry).


In our concierge practice, we are committed to limiting patient loads to ensure adequate appointment lengths. It is imperative that our patients’ concerns and questions are able to be expressed and addressed fully by Dr. Mac. Any and all of them in your first and subsequent visits. Dr. Mac will prescribe what is best for you, not what is best for his bottom line. We do not take samples from pharmaceutical marketers because it is erroneous to think the medicine with the largest marketing budget is also the best treatment. Our practice aims to be what our healthcare system should be: a system for the betterment of people’s health. Mac is a trusted patient advocate fully prepared to help you navigate the complex healthcare system.


We strive to be good stewards of your resources and time is a resource many of us are short on. We understand that and have created a service that alleviates the need to visit multiple offices to receive the comprehensive care we are able to provide under one roof. Grey Canyon Family Medicine is a patient-oriented, membership-based practice which limits its total patient base to only 600 individuals.


This design allows for contact and response around the clock, same or next-day appointment access and sufficient face-to-face time with Dr. MacGillivray at each appointment. Because of this exceptional environment, you are able to have all of your questions and concerns addressed by your doctor without feeling rushed or ignored. In some cases, home, workplace or daycare visits can be arranged for your convenience.


We believe that Grey Canyon Family Medicine is most appropriate for anyone who wants to take proactive responsibility for their health. It is a misconception that only the wealthy are able to afford a concierge doctor.  Our patients are interested in receiving quality healthcare and wellness at service levels far beyond that which they have ever experienced. We have patients ranging from infants to senior citizens, both healthy and chronically ill and with varying levels of education and income. The common denominator among our members is a desire to ensure they’re receiving the best care possible for themselves and their families.


If that sounds like you, we hope you’ll take the next step by contacting us today for an appointment!



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