San Antonio ranks sixth in the top ten worst cities for allergies. What can we do to help? Learn more


Wellness Plans

A wellness plan based on your unique needs lets you take charge of your own health. Learn more


Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid disorders can contribute to excessive weight gain, elevated heart rate, and increased sensitivity to heat and cold. Learn more


Bio Identical Therapy

As you grow older your body will experience a natural loss of hormones, namely estrogen in women and testosterone in men. Learn more


Weight Loss

Weight loss begins with a plan. If you're ready to truly begin your journey to healthy and lasting weight loss turn to the experts. Learn more


Depression & Low Libido

Depression prevents a person from functioning normally. Even in severe cases, diagnosis and proper medication can relieve a patient's condition. Learn more


Dr. MacGillivray practices a core philosophy of empowering his patients to achieve their highest levels of health and wellness. My Dr. Mac achieves this by providing:
  1. 24/7 Instant access to Dr. Mac when you are at home or travelling
  2. One on one personal attention to achieve your Whole Life Health Goal
  3. Appointments on the same or next day that last as long as needed
  4. Dr. Mac's Whole Life Health Plan personalized to your needs
Personal Consultation
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"Our visit was relaxed and thorough and I had a true sense of comfort and satisfaction that not only had my medical needs been heard, but there was a game plan to resolve them. I was thrilled to hear him say that he didn't just want to treat symptoms, but he wanted to determine how to eliminate the conditions where possible. Timely office visits with Dr. MacGillivray are not the only advantage... he is accessible 24/7. I called his office the other day with a question, and within a minute was talking with him personally!"

-Rita Oliphint

"With Dr. MacGillivray I didn't feel rushed and I had plenty of time to address issues that I would never have thought of in my previous 3-4 minute office visits with whichever doctor wasn't busy at the time. Not only that, but when I took my son in for his appointment, there was no noisy waiting room and we were seen immediately."

-Michelle Wilcox

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